Friday, February 19, 2010

Taping It Up!

So I begin our journey!  I drag my family with me.  They aren't as excited as I am about it, but that's okay, they'll dig it when I'm done.  I figure this will take me a few years.

I have been promised new kitchen counters -- they will be black, I just don't know if they'll be Corian, laminate, or (I HOPE I HOPE) Silestone.  Silestone isn't exactly period, but it IS pretty fabulous.  Especially if I get the color I want - Stellar Night.  I am also contemplating doing a mosaic backsplash behind the stove myself. Many ideas will be expressed than discarded.

I am planning on photographing a lot of the progress.  I've been doing exhaustive research before taking this on - that's the kind of nerd I am. 

This weekend I'll be taking all of our vintage signs and other decor off the walls of the kitchen and taping up the edges and woodwork in preparation for spackling/sanding/priming.  I'll also be washing the curtains.


  1. I had a dream last night I was helping you and Randy clean your kitchen--unloading the dishwasher and stuff. It was one of those few-and-far-between actual nice dreams!

    And no, I have no interest in helping you other than with moral support.

  2. me either....but I will.....only because your my sister.

  3. YOU WILL HELP ME, MATT???? Awwww yeah.